Hiki – Sugar-Free Milk Caramel Spread x 135g

Milk caramel spread with no sugar added. Perfect combination of health and a great taste. Traditional Hiki Milk Caramel Spread with lots of flavor but no added sugar! Be sure to try our delicious product in the various presentations.

Coffee and milk caramel spread create the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavors, provide a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are naturally free of trans fat.

Hiki Sugar-Free Golden Berries Milk Caramel Spread x 135 g

Try Hiki Sugar-Free Milk Caramel Spread with Golden Berries and delight in this marvelous combination of flavors with no sugar added. Go ahead and dare to enjoy!

Golden Berries are citrus fruits known for the semi-acidic flavors and when mixed with our milk spread, create a perfect combination of a sweet balance. Golden Berries are carefully treated and processed so texture, appearance and incomparable flavors are obtained. The nutritional value of golden berries and high antioxidants properties strengthen the immune system.

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Hiki No added sugar condensed milk

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